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Balblair Whisky Distillery

Balblair Whisky

Balblair distillery is owned by Inver House Disillers and, until a re-launch of the brand a few years ago, was a relatively un-heard of distillery; most of its output was destined for blends. With the relaunch came beautiful new packaging and the decision to release the whisky as vintages rather than expression with a straight age statement. The advantage of the vintage approach is that it allows the distillery to express the personality of a given vintage rather than trying to replicate identical flavours year on year. This is an approach which favours individuality over uniformity.

On top of this recent releases - and all releases going forward - are bottled at 46% with no chill filtering or colouring. This all adds to up to a distillery which regularly releases high quality and varied whiskies which haven't been tampered with. We particularly enjoyed the recent 1989 vintage.

The distillery was founded in 1790 and gets its water from The Allt Dearg. Today it has a capacity of 1,330,000 litres.