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Maker's Mark Whisky

With its iconic hand dipped red wax seals, Maker’s Mark is one of the most visually appealing and striking looking bourbons on the market. But of course we should judge a whiskey by its bottle, so it’s what’s inside that counts.

One of the key things to note about Maker’s Mark is the absence of rye in the mash bill for their standard expression. Instead red winter wheat and barley give this bourbon its famous sweeter, easy drinking flavour profile. Rye adds spice to bourbon and it may be in response to the lack of rye that Maker’s Mark developed Maker’s 46, a whiskey with added spice from French oak staves that are inserted into the barrel.

Maker's Mark is one of the few American brands who label their products as 'whisky' instead of 'whiskey' (they spell it without an 'e'). This is thought to be a nod towards the original founders' Scottish heritage.