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Pikesville Whiskey

The L. Winn & Brothers Distillery located at Scott's Level, Maryland, started producing Pikesville Rye in 1895, however, it is known that Rye Whiskey had been produced in Maryland as early as the American Civil War which saw a great influx of outsiders to the area.

As with many other American whiskey producers, prohibition forced the distillery to cease production. No Pikesville whiskey was made between 1920 and 1933 while the ban on the sale, production, importation, and transportation of alcohol was enforced.

After prohibition the brand bounced-back and Pikesville was the only surviving Maryland Rye until 1972, when the distillery finally closed. Some stock was left, enough to keep the brand alive, and in 1982 it was bought by Heaven Hill. Pikesville is now made in Kentucky and the brand continues evolve with Pikesville Straight Rye 110 Proof now winning awards around the world.